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5 Effective and Innovative Ways to Attract Millennials to Your Ecommerce Store

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Some companies operate online and offline, and so their websites are equally important as their physical store. But if you’re building an Ecommerce brand, your website is your biggest selling point and your company’s greatest asset. After all, this is the place where the majority of your conversions should take place, not to mention the fact that your website is the foundation of your entire digital presence, your brand, and your existence in the online realm. 

That might sound a bit overly dramatic, but the fact is that you need focus on optimizing your website across the board if you are to stand out, attract the right audience, and build a reputable brand. This is especially true if you are trying the appeal to the millennial consumer. Known as being some of the most difficult customers to convert, millennials have no problem skipping your site for an Ecommerce brand that speaks their language and offers unique and innovative features. With all of that in mind, let’s take a look at five effective ways you can attract millennials to your Ecommerce store with ease. 

Optimize your brand for the millennial mindset

Firstly, understand that there can be no long-term Ecommerce success without branding. You might have the best deals and discounts in the world, but if you don’t have a unique and powerful brand identity, no millennial is going to become your loyal customer. And as you know, retaining customers is the winning business model nowadays. Now, why do millennials love stores with a brand identity? Simply put, Ecommerce companies that have a trustworthy and engaging brand are easier to connect with on an emotional level, and they make it easy for customers to feel like they belong.

To establish this meaningful connection with your online audience and target demographic, you need to complement their values with your brand’s values. Sharing values is the foundation for trust and co-dependence, while using the millennial tone of voice and building a millennial brand personality will help your customers connect to your brand emotionally. Once the word gets out that you speak their language, you can expect millennials to start gravitating towards you all on their own. 

Personalize everything

We live in an age of corporate personalization, a time when companies can choose to personalize their marketing, products, and other processes, or fall by the wayside. Of all the demographics out there, millennials value personalization the most, because they want to be acknowledged, appreciated, and viewed as individuals rather than sheep in a herd of consumers.

This is why you have to analyze your target demographic and create detailed millennial avatars that you can use to personalize your emails, all of your content, product descriptions, and social media communication. This will allow you to engage with the millennial customer and show them that you care about them as a person – in turn making you more trustworthy and appealing to the millennial group. 

Diversify your payment methods

If there is anything that millennials care about when shopping online, it’s the brands that don’t waste their time. This is because millennials are typically shopping on the go, they are busy and they usually have a packed schedule so they can’t be bothered to wander around your site or pay for goods in a way that doesn’t suit them. This is exactly why you need to diversify your payment methods.

However, you also have to be innovative, and with the rise of cryptocurrency mining around the world, accepting cryptos as a legitimate payment method is becoming the norm in the Ecommerce industry. Millennials are increasingly mining and trading cryptocurrencies, and they want to use them to pay for goods and services, but be sure to accept various other “traditional” payment methods as well as like PayPal, credit cards, on-delivery payments, and more. This will effectively reduce customer effort and attract more millennials to your store. 

Focus on educating your audience

If there is anything that millennials hate, it’s a pushy salesman. It is therefore imperative that you focus on educating your audience and inspire conversions though compelling storytelling rather than sales-y ads and website copy. The moment a millennial sees that you’re immediately trying to sell them something, they will become suspicious and chances are that you will lose them for good. Don’t be that pushy salesman, instead, engage with them on social media, publish informational posts, answer their questions, tailor your offering, and invite them to get to know your company and your brand. 

Optimize your site for Mcommerce

On a final note, remember how we mentioned that millennials are increasingly shopping while on the move. That means that they are using the smartphones and handheld devices for mobile shopping, hence the term Mcommerce. Not only is it important to optimize your website for mobile shopping to reduce customer effort and attract mobile customers, but using accelerated mobile pages also allows you to boost your SEO efforts and improve your standing in all relevant search results. This will improve your online visibility and brand awareness, attract the millennial consumer, and inspire them to buy from your site because it’s convenient, safe, and rewarding. 

Wrapping up

Building a successful Ecommerce store is a challenge nowadays when you take into account the sheer competitiveness of the industry. If you are targeting millennials, though, you should have no problem building a thriving Ecommerce brand when you implement these tactics into your growth strategy. 


Guest Poster – Elaine Bennett

Elaine Bennett is a digital marketing specialist focused on helping Australian startups and small businesses grow. Besides that, she’s a regular contributor for Bizzmark Blog and writes hands-on articles about business and marketing, as it allows her to reach even more entrepreneurs and help them on their business journey.