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Behind the Scenes: The Freelancer Process

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Behind the Scenes: The Freelancer Process

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Whether you’re interested in becoming a freelancer or need to hire a freelance graphic designer, it’s important to know how freelancers work, and how they’re able to successfully keep their businesses up and running. If you want to know their step-by-step process to finding gigs and satisfying clients, then check out the steps below.

Step 1: Finding gigs

There are three main methods for finding gigs, in general. For both new and established freelance graphic designers, signing up for an online site such as Freelancer.com or Upwork.com allows you to create a profile, bid for projects, and build your portfolio. Another method involves some strategic marketing, whether you’re paying for campaigns or boosting your SEO game on your website, to draw in people who are actively Google searching for freelancers. Finally, the best way to find gigs is by doing such great work that clients always return, and recommend you to their own contact list.

Step 2: Work out the logistics

There are a LOT of logistics to work out, once you’ve got a gig. It’s essential to maintain communication with your client, because completing the project to their specifications is what will help you gain more work in the future. This list includes topics you’ll need to cover with your client:

  • Details of what exactly the project entails, such as what information it needs to include, what colors and branding should be used, etc
  • When the project needs to be completed by
  • How much you are charging for the project
  • How you’ll be paid (40% of freelancers have trouble getting paid!)
  • Whether you’ll be working via benchmarks, or turning in the entire project once completed

Step 3: Complete the project

As a freelance graphic designer you have an opportunity to show off your artistic talents, and truly please your clients. Use the tools you have at hand to do the work according to their specifications. Remember to work with your client during the process, so you’re always giving them what they want. If you’re not able to do exactly what they ask, then explain why and offer alternate ideas.

Step 4: Get paid!

Once you complete the gig and your client approves, make sure you get paid! If you didn’t use one of the guaranteed pay sites above, think about creating contracts before you’re hired, to ensure you get paid for all the time you put in. Check out Docracy.com if you need help writing one up. Make sure you get paid, and then get out there and pick up more gigs, freelancer!