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We here at Montreal Graphic Design are truly obsessed by amazing designs. We love logos, websites, business card design, and everything in between! When we’re not working to make the best, we’re devouring examples of astounding design from other designers online.

It’s so inspiring to search the web for excellent designs. It’s a great way to excite yourself and to give yourself ideas for your next project. Are you looking to have business cards designed? A great first step is to look at lots of designs because this will help you find what you love and what you don’t think works.

It’s like window shopping! You can check out as much as you like before it’s time to purchase. We’d like to invite you to window shop with us. Let’s check out some of the finest business card designs of 2016, made by some incredible indie designers!



Trick and Treat by Bond Creative Agency

According to the designer, Trick & Treat is a “company specialized in branded entertainment.” They wanted to reflect their “sporty and playful” attitude. I think they definitely accomplished that goal!

This card features a playful design, literally. The card can be converted into a miniature net in seconds. What a great way to get people to focus on your information.

On top of being a brilliant concept, this card features some impeccable typography and design. The textured green looks like grass, and the fonts are a perfect match for the client.

How can people interact with your business?



Burp Food Delivery by Aki Jinn

It’s not easy to make a company called “Burp” look classy, but this card sure does it! By combining playful art and a classic colour scheme, this business card design is able to expertly represent it’s company’s message.

Look at the way the word “burp” is written. It looks like it was written in sauce after an exquisite meal. It looks like the meal was so good you had to get a little more sauce on the tip of your finger. This is absolutely perfect for a business focused on healthy eating. This card says “Healthy eating can be fun, and actually taste good.”

If your business card could talk, what would it say?


Exigo by Oanna Turta

exigoIf your business is high class, you need a high class logo. From the rich brown colour to the textured gold logo, this business card design is high class, and more. The perfectly fit envelope for the card is a master stroke.

Exigo is a company that sells rare timepieces and creates limited series or unique jewelry. The diamond icon on the card is especially worth looking at. It is the combination of a diamond, a bowtie, and an hourglass. These imply purity and perfection for the diamond, refinement for the bowtie, and continuity and precision for the hourglass.

What adjectives describe your business?



Hurrah Productions by Rayz Ong and Lemongraphics

Hurrah Productions is a company that is proud to make “super content.” Any company that has done creative work for organizations such as Samsung, National Geographic, and Movember is going to need a business card to match their highly creative work.

This business card design really does.

Combining a playful hand drawn image with expertly chosen fonts is a great way to tell the world your business is both playful and serious about getting the job done. If everything was hand drawn, this business could seem too unprofessional. If everything is tight and rigid, this could’ve seemed not as creative as needed.

As it is, this design is right in the sweet spot between playful and professional.

What’s the sweet spot you’d like to hit for your business?



Charly Gusto by Mubien Studo

Finally, we have the Charly Gusto business card. Charly Gusto is a marketing professional who wanted an elegant business card design. He wanted it to reflect his British identity as well as feature something unique. Each card needed to be different.

What a challenge!

The designer created the marble texture on the back of the cards by hand. They designed 40 different cards using a different portion of the paper for each card. This creates an incredible, and eye-catching solution.

The fonts and information on the card are simple and understated. This creates a nice balance with the wild background.

What unique part of your identity would you most like represented in your business card design?

Business card design conclusion 


We hope you’ve enjoyed this window shopping trip through the world of business card design! Has it got you inspired?

Hopefully you’re looking at your business card a little differently now, imagining what it could be!

Or maybe you need a new business card, but you’re not sure how to answer the questions we’ve asked. Are you not sure what your business card needs to say, or what adjectives describe your business.

Wherever you find yourself, we’re here to help. Our professional designers are proud to offer services that could get your card not only on a list like this, but in an eager customer’s hands.


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