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Flyer Design: The foolproof plan for making sure your flyer isn’t thrown out

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Flyer Design: The foolproof plan for making sure your flyer isn’t thrown out

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Despite the popularity of e-mail and social media for advertising, many businesses find great results with printed advertisements. Flyer design, posters design, postcards, direct mail, and street signs are only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to letting the world know about your exciting offering.

Think about the mail you receive every day. How many flyers do you deem “junk mail” and toss out? 44% of unsolicited mail is thrown out every day – approximately 41 pounds per person!

If you’re thinking of promoting your business with a flyer you’ll need a plan to stand out from the crowd. Here is our foolproof flyer design plan to make sure your advertisements stand out and aren’t thrown out.

Give Something Valuable

If you were walking down the street, and I handed you a flyer you might throw it out. Now, if you were walking down the street and I handed you some cash – you definitely wouldn’t throw it out!

When coming up with a plan for your flyer, your first job is to provide something valuable. The definition of valuable can change depending on your business and your prospective client. Ask yourself – what can I give away that is valuable?

Once you’ve decided what your value offering is, you need to ensure that your flyer design is focused on that. A tiny coupon at the bottom of an ad is easily missed. Put your value offering front and center – it’s the focus of your ad.

By putting something valuable at the top of your flyer design, you’re telling people you know exactly what they need, and it’s right here for them.

Prove Your Value Offering is Trustworthy!

We’ve all received a flyer that promised something awful, but thought “This is too good to be true!” Or we’ve seen an ad that offered something amazing that was ruined with paragraphs of small print.

As a culture, we’re sold to so often, we’ve developed built-in lie detectors. If something seems to be too good to be true, we decide it is. If a restaurant is always empty, we’ll often assume it’s because there’s something wrong with the food.

When advertising, there is no trick to getting past the lie detectors. The solution is to appeal to the lie detectors and to prove directly that you’re trustworthy and on the level.

We do this by using social proof.

Build Social Proof Into the Flyer Design

Social Proof is the term used to describe the fact that if something is popular, it will seem more trustworthy. We want to eat at the busy restaurant – it must be good. If our friends recommend a TV show, we’ll be more likely to watch it.

One way people satisfy their lie detectors is by relying on social proof. That’s why Amazon Reviews are so popular, and movie and tv critics have jobs.

When building your advertisement, your flyer design needs to include the social proof to back up your value offering. If you’re a wedding photographer, include a picture of a couple on their wedding day with a quote from them about your work.

Include some real reviews, especially ones from online that people can check out. A restaurant could include an “Actual Yelp Review” on their flyer.

There are limitless options to offering social proof – just make sure that you do.

Conclusion : Get Your Message Across With Excellent Design

Our foolproof plan to ensure your flyers aren’t thrown out is like a tower. On the top is your value offering, which is supported by your social proof, and both are supported by your flyer design.

A poor, unprofessional design can undercut the entire message while an excellent design can speak directly to your audience and will get your message across.

Are you ready to get your ads into people’s hands, not their trash cans? Contact us today for a free consultation.