How Web Design Increases Customer Conversion

Whether you’re a for-profit or non-profit, your website’s goal is primarily to generate sales or donations. Either way, it’s necessary that your website’s design is centered around a call to action, to conversion. When someone goes from being an interested party to a paying party, this is known as a conversion. So conversions are what every website is hoping for. In order to boost your conversions, it’s necessary to think about everything, from your web design to your logo design. Every aspect of your website will be scrutinized and if something is lacking, your conversions are not going to be great. So let’s take a look at some of the most essential aspects of web design that will help increase your customer conversion rates.

1. Remember the 8 Second Rule

The human attention span is only 8 seconds, according to OptIn Monster. Meaning you have 8 seconds to grab your site visitors’ attention before they move on. The first impression you need to create is one that is attention-grabbing, visually pleasing, and informative. This can be accomplished with some design aspects such as multimedia, eye-catching graphics and colors, power words that really resonate, or a pop-up window that re-engages people who lost interest. Work closely with your web designer to decide which of these aspects are best for your site and remember that there are many more attention-grabbing features that may fit well with your site’s message.

2. Use the KISS Method

An easy acronym to help you remember to Keep It Simple, Stupid. This is a commonly used acronym to remind web designers that simpler is better. As CustomerThink points out, having an easy to navigate web design is the difference between getting that conversion or visitors becoming frustrated and leaving your site. If people aren’t easily able to find the “buy” or “donate” button, they’re not going to buy or donate, simple as that. Your eye-catching first impression won’t help if your confusing website deters people from taking action.

3. Cohesive Branding

Everything from your logo design to the web design needs to be in harmony. You want your brand to follow certain designs, ones that exemplify the qualities of your company. CrazyEgg uses Apple as an example. Think of Apple products; they are sleek, smooth, and the logo is understated yet still visible. So too, is Apple’s website. Your website and your brand are telling a story about the products you offer, if the story isn’t cohesive, doesn’t make sense in relation to your product, or is simply unappealing, no one is going to want to buy into your brand and product.

We barely scratched the surface of all the different ways web design is essential to customer conversion, but these are the first three steps you really should be working on to guarantee your site visitors will become paying customers.


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