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Captain Marvel’s New Website Was Expertly Designed

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Captain Marvel’s New Website Was Expertly Designed

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Whether you’re a for-profit or non-profit, your website’s goal is primarily to generate sales or donations. Either way, it’s necessary that your website’s design is centered around a call to action, to conversion. When someone goes from being an interested party to a paying party, this is known as a conversion. So conversions are what every website is hoping for. In order to boost your conversions, it’s necessary to think about everything, from your web design to your logo design. Every aspect of your website will be scrutinized and if something is lacking, your conversions are not going to be great. So let’s take a look at some of the most essential aspects of web design that will help increase your customer conversion rates.

To promote the upcoming release of Marvel’s newest film in the Avengers franchise, Marvel has created a new site dedicated to providing information about the movie, allowing visitors to play fun games, and to host its trailer. At first glance, the website is a mess. It’s everything we thought we left behind in the 90s, to, hopefully, never see again. That being said, the design and stylistic choices are actually genius. Any Montreal web designer could tell you why.

And if you want to see this horrifically 90s yet nostalgia-invoking website for yourself, click here.

1. It Fits The Theme

The Captain Marvel movie is set in the 90s and the trailer is full of 90s paraphernalia, including references to Blockbuster. Trying to promote interest in anything is all about branding. And Captain Marvel’s branding involves 90’s themes, so her website does as well. It wouldn’t make sense for someone in the 90s to have a website with styles and trends that haven’t been invented yet, would it? TheVerge put it best, this website is delightfully 90s.

2. It Creates A Sense Of Nostalgia

All those 90s kids are always talking about how the 90s were the best and they miss this or that aspect of it. 90s kids are always being accused of acting nostalgic and this web designer decided to play on that by offering a way for these people to indulge themselves. It’s a site designed for people to say “Oh, I remember when” and “Why did we stop doing that?”. If people are associating their feel-good nostalgic feelings with the website, the designer is counting on people realizing those feelings will be enhanced if they watch the movie.

3. It’s A 90s Website, with 2019 Speed

Thankfully, as Creative Bloq points out, the website isn’t meant to be ENTIRELY 90s. If it was, it would take MINUTES for each portion of the page to load. “Minutes” may sound like a short measurement but when you’re used to pages loading instantaneously, anything longer than 30 seconds is too long. These web designers did an excellent job of creating a 90s looking website, without sacrificing the 2019 speed.

4. It Creatively Leads To Ticket Purchases

After experiencing all the nostalgia, hilarity, excitement from watching the trailer, and short-lived fun from the quiz, people are at their highest point of interest in watching the movie. The web designers knew that would be the case and strategically designed the page so that after all the fun is over and you get to the bottom of the page, you’re able to act on your interest and purchase tickets. Not only is this a fun website, it’s a journey to a ticket purchase, beginning with info about the movie, offering thematic games and quizzes, and finally, a route for buying the ticket.

This website was designed to attract people, create interest, and ultimately sell tickets. Everything about it leads to one purpose but what makes it a great site is that that purpose is not blatantly forced on visitors to the page. That’s what makes the difference.