4 Reasons Why Amateur Web Design Is Killing Your Business

In the early days of the Internet, you could get away with a basic looking website. You know, those awful looking Geocities websites with flashing colors and visitor counters? HTML back then was basic. You didn’t have to worry about major design elements like you do today.

Well, that’s all changed now. Web design is complex, your competition has hired professional web designers, and your amateur looking website is killing your business. None of that is good for you.

But before you can make serious changes, you need to understand why your amateur website is hurting your business.

1. You Only Get One Chance at a First Impression

Your website attracts a lot of new customers to your business. You want these new visitors to see that your business is professional. An amateur-looking website makes your business look amateur.

Think about it like this.

Why should someone spend their money on your products and services if you don’t even put in the time on your own website? They have every right to assume that you will cut corners.

A professional web designer can help you build a website that converts. Every element they craft is designed to convert new visitors into paying customers.

2. Overcrowded Websites Don’t Work

Another mistake you’ve likely made is overcrowding your website.

I get it. You love your products. You’ve spent many years sourcing them, many sleepless nights improving them, and a good chunk of your life supporting them. But when you designed your website, you spent too much time talking about them.

Here’s the truth.

Your products are great and all, but they have to address the problems of your target audience. That means every element of your website has to be designed to address just that. You have to identify your customer’s problems and create content that solves them.

A professional web designer knows how to tie together all of the different elements of design. From the homepage and digital assets, all the way to the blog, your website needs to tell your story without overwhelming your customers.

3. It’s Not SEO-Friendly

There’s no escaping SEO. As much as you may hate it, you need it. You have to have an SEO strategy in today’s day and age.

Poorly designed websites often aren’t optimized for SEO and hurt your search rankings. And with SEO taking months and years to improve, you don’t want to do that.

Let me ask you a few questions.

When you built your website, did you consider things like:

  • Meta titles and descriptions?
  • Alt tags and descriptions?
  • Keyword density?
  • Keyword research?

Sure, you did a few of those things, but you probably didn’t do them all for every page of your website. Professional web designers understand SEO, how it works, and how to stay on Google’s good side. They also help you with things like responsive design, which is incredibly important for SEO.

4. It’s Not Optimized for Conversion

I mentioned conversion a little earlier in the article. The goal of any website is to convert a user into a paying customer.

Sounds easy, right?

Well, it’s not that simple. You have to nurture your customers if you want to convert them. Throwing a bunch of web pages and content up doesn’t do that. There needs to be a strategy in place. That means coming up with a plan detailing how your website will look, how the content will flow, and what the end goal is.

Everyone is always so eager to make sales. But it’s so much harder than that. To get that sale, you have to nurture your customers through the buyer’s journey. And to do that, you have to create a website and content that engages them, keeps them in the loop, and makes them want to do business with you.

An amateur website isn’t going to accomplish that. Why? Because most of these things won’t be organized and optimized. A professional web designer makes a living understanding the relationship between these elements, and how to string them all together.

Professional Web Design by Montreal Graphic Design

Are you ready to turn that amateur-looking website into a professional one? Montreal Graphic Design offers dedicated graphic and web design services to companies all throughout the world.

Don’t settle for less when it comes to your website. We can help you design and build one that fits your business. Contact us today to learn more about our design services.


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