4 Ways You Can Update and Improve Your Company Branding in 2019

2019 hasn’t been here for that long. Really, it just started. But as a business owner, you always need to be looking for new ways to improve your business. What worked yesterday doesn’t always work today. Maybe your website is in need of an update, or you just need some new graphics for your social media marketing. What’s most important is knowing that change is good for company branding.

In this post, I’m going to lay out four things that you should do to update and improve your business in 2019.

1. Update Your Business Card

We all remember that classic business card scene from American Psycho. You know, the one where they discuss their business cards, the off-white, eggshell with Roman one. Well, what if I told you your business card needs updating?

It’s not a slight against your current one, or your designer. But if you’ve been using the same business card for several years, it may be time for a change.

Here’s the deal.

Design styles change. You need to update your business cards just like you update your website and logo over time. Giving your business card an update is important as it makes your company branding look fresh. It also gives you a good reason to think about your branding in general, and whether you want to update your logo at the same time.

2. It’s Time to Join Instagram

I get it. You hate social media, and social media marketing is akin to walking around blindfolded as they did in Bird Box.

Yes, no one likes to sit on social media all day seeing what racist stuff our relatives have cooked up on Facebook this time.

But, you need to understand this one thing.

Facebook is a colossal waste of time unless your running paid ads. And Twitter? Well, Twitter is a special case on its own. Instagram on the other hand? It’s actually worth your time, and it’s a great way to find customers that are actually interested in your business.

The hashtag system that exists in Instagram is deep, you can use it to find your target audience, and organic growth is still possible. It’s one of the best social media platforms for company branding.

So, if you are only going to choose one social media platform to market on, make it Instagram.

3. Improve Your Website

By now, almost everyone has a website. But you need to use your website properly. You can’t just design it, fill it with a few pictures and words, and let it sit. If that’s what you’re doing, you’re doing it wrong. Taking the easy way out will damage your company branding.

Instead, you need to update your website constantly. I know, that takes time, time you don’t have. Don’t get mad at me. I don’t make the rules.

Here’s what you need to do:

  • Write new blogs and articles. If you hate writing, pay someone to do it. Google likes fresh content, and your blog is the easiest way to create fresh content.
  • Make your blog informative. See how I’m writing this post? It’s designed to share value with you. That’s what you need to do with your blog. Got it?
  • Use the right keywords. If you Googled a few things several years ago and made up keywords, you may want to do some proper keyword research. Keywords are still powerful, and they can help you rank higher on Google.
  • Don’t be afraid to refresh your branding too. Just like your business card, your logo, website graphics, and other media need to be updated. Trends change, and you don’t want to fall behind. A quick update to the aesthetic of your website can make your business appear modern and fresh.
  • Improve your website’s load speed. Google loves websites that load quickly. So, make sure yours loads quickly. It’s that easy.

No one likes to update their website. I get that. That’s why you need a web and graphic designer to help you make design changes, and a content writer or copywriter to help you populate it with content. You’re great at what you do, so don’t be afraid to hire other people to fill in the gaps.

4. Leverage Testimonials to Your Advantage

It’s no secret that people fake reviews. Still, your customers often need validation. If you have positive reviews from your customers, showcase them on your website and social channels.

If you provide awesome products or a great service and your customers love you, ask them to provide you with reviews. These reviews are likely to be positive, and they appear far more genuine than most fake reviews. Positive reviews are great for your company branding.

You can easily display these on your website, Facebook, Google Review, or whatever platform you want to gather them on.

Don’t Reinvent the Wheel, Just Improve It

Never listen to people that tell you your idea has to be original. That’s not true at all. Your idea just needs to be better than the last person.

I’ve provided you with a few easy tips that will help you update and improve your business in 2019.

As you know, we do graphic and  web design. We can easily help you update your company branding, business cards, logos, and websites. Not sure what you need? Contact us today, and we can chat. We’d love to help you update your business and start 2019 off with a bang.


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