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How a beginner webmaster can make a website through WIX in 20 minutes

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WIX builder lets businesses build websites fast and for free, primarily because of its modern, responsive templates. What’s special in this service is its intuitive simplicity of use, configuration flexibility of each block or color design, fonts, and other functional settings.

Even if you don’t have any website development skills, you will still be able to create a corporate site using the WIX builder. Practically everyone can create websites with WIX. You don’t need to have even the slightest hint of skills like HTML or CSS code. It is enough to be a proficient PC user to operate efficiently using the software’s menu.

While WIX is just one of the many free website builders, is also one of the simplest to use. And that combination of free and easy makes it special. WIX is functional enough to allow creating both business sites (due to a wide web template variety) and websites for personal use. And it also has premium options (the Ecommerce tariff) that users can use to create their own online store.

About registration and basic configuration

The registration procedure starts with choosing an account to log in with. You either use your email or get login authorization through your Facebook or Google profiles.

If you have chosen the email option, you’ll get a notification about successful registration and a link to continue the work with the project in your mail.

It’s highly recommended to use complicated passwords for access to the administrative panel. It would be great if the code consists of both letters and numbers; capital letters can also be used.

The next step after email verification will be defining the following parameters:

    • For whom is the site built?
    • Is it a commercial or non-profit project?
    • What is the user’s level of professionalism?

The next step would be choosing between automatic or manual design engineering.

WIX ADI technology peculiarities

WIX ADI is a robust use case of artificial intelligence. With the help of a questionnaire, it can help you consolidate the information about the company/your project and then assemble it into a single site. You can easily edit the results that the software generates for you. This technology is the first project in the world that is based on web design development and automatic content generation.

  • With the ADI mode, you only have to answer the system’s questions, and it will find an appropriate structure that can be easily adapted to your business project’s peculiarities. In this section, you need to specify the course of your business, identify the site’s functionality, and add the company name and the region that you provide the services to.

    The course of business refers to a certain sphere of activity, such as trading, consulting, marketing services, and so on.

    The answer to the following question will help add extra site functions and capacities, for example, online showcase, subscription form, a record of the provision of services, and a company blog.

    The company name is the brand of your company. If your company has some service delivery limitations or there’s an office or showroom for private meetings with clients, you can insert this information in the relevant block.

  • Choosing a design

    The next step is the design directions. It deserves special mention that you can change your design to a more appropriate one. To begin with, you just have to select one of the types from the six suggested solutions.

  • A ready website based on the information entered earlier will be displayed in a new window. You also can see a proposal to connect to your own domain here. If you decide to use a free package, you should get ready for a complicated domain structure. If you want a nice site address, you should use premium service options.

    Making the site structure

    At this stage, you can add or delete information blocks. Generally, business pages are filled with sections like “About Us,” “Services,” “Team”, “Reviews,” “News,” “Working hours,” “Our projects”, and so forth.

  • Filling the site with content

    After having arranged the blocks in a suitable manner, you can begin editing the information. Originally the sections will display automatically generated text that you can edit on the left side of the screen.

    During site creation, it is advised that you use unique and useful content since it will affect your site’s ranking as well as success in the future. Commercial content should be focused on keeping the customer interested in the product. While editing the blocks, you need to pay attention to selling components of the text.

    In most cases, the model created by using WIX’s artificial intelligence has full-value functionality and design. However, if necessary, the builder offers ample scope for refining it using the visual editor in accordance with your requirements.

    Visual WIX editor

    Manual site creation in WIX offers maximum flexibility, and it provides greater possibilities for customization for the users. There are lots of builder apps and services that can be used to give a broader functionality to your site.

    Using this editor won’t be a problem for beginner users, since you can learn the principles of work and administrative panel interface in just a few minutes.

    Choosing a template

    WIX website builder has an obvious advantage – it has a great selection of templates for you to choose from. There are more than 500 options. WIX offers the world’s biggest base of free templates available in a single website builder. Moreover, all the templates are of outstanding quality.

  • In addition, all web templates are adapted and are perfectly displayed on any device, whether it’s a PC screen, a tablet, or a mobile phone. The developers regularly update an already large library of ready-made design solutions; that’s why one can always maintain actual website visualization.

  • For the sake of user-friendliness, all the templates are presented in different category selections, such as consulting, service and repair, marketing and advertising, real estate, online sales, and so forth.

    Every template has a description that you can read by clicking on the specific icon. Here you’ll find the most suitable uses for which this template can be used.

    Editing a webpage in a visual editor

    This section allows you to change the order of the blocks by simply dragging and dropping the elements. You can edit the background, assign buttons, and insert texts. Dotted lines show the block edges, and you can change their sizes as well.

    Site menu configuration

    All functional control elements can be found on the left corner of the screen. There’s a special menu item “Order” in the “Menu of the site” section. You can edit the titles, add sub-items, and work with SEO-configuration. The positions of pages relative to each other can be changed by dragging them to the required position.


    Page background

    For the page background, the system can give you a monotone color and preset photos and videos. There’s also an option to use your own pictures by uploading them to the site.

    Extra elements

    The next step in the builder is to add the auxiliary elements to your site. The options include, but are not limited to:

    • Text – style selection and simplified interaction with the visual editor;
    • Photo – preset and uploaded images or import from social networks;
    • Lists and tables – templates for creative content presentation;
    • Social network buttons – a list of popular platforms for information sharing and attracting subscribers;
    • Contact block – a form using which customers can contact you;
    • Blog – some thematic publications;
    • Store – a showcase with a shopping cart, online payment, and so on.


  • WIX App Market

    WIX has an impressive app market, as well. The apps are segmented into categories based on the different tasks that they can be used to perform, for example, analytics, marketing events, expansion of integration possibilities with social networks, and client communication configuration.

    Upper horizontal toolbar

    WIX builder offers viewing and editing an adapted page version in addition to the desktop one. The parameter called “Optimal page view” allows setting the most important site elements for fast access from mobile phones. Here you can also create a key for quick movement across the pages.


    In this section, you can connect your own domain and email to the site and then turn to premium service packages should you need them. Here you can also perform search site optimization, go for analytics code integration, make adjustments for a visually impaired version, and add a favicon.

    WIX SEO optimization possibilities

    The SEO master section in the WIX builder helps you promote your newly-made website on search engines. For this, you’ll just need to insert the three key phrases that relate the most to your business.

    You can configure the pages’ addresses, their meta titles, and meta description. The meta description is a short characterization of page content for customers and search engines. In this section, one can also add some keywords for search engines.



    In the tools section, you can easily alter the block size and make page element adaptation along with creating site borders.

    WIX Code

    WIX Code is one of the key features of this builder. It gives you an opportunity to create database collections. Both site administrators and users can upload the content here. Thanks to WIX Code, page elements can be integrated with database collections. This tool allows you to publish your own Javascript code as well as integrate the site with API for connecting to more site capacities.


    Premium WIX tariffs

    The free tariff of WIX shows ads at the top and bottom of the page. You can get rid of these commercial messages by buying a premium package.

    Despite a great many free capacities, the premium options are to help you significantly upgrade your site and make it as comfortable as possible for yourself and your customers/audience.

    By choosing the most suitable of the five available service packages, users can broaden the service space, connect a domain, use premium support, delete WIX ads, integrate favicon, add online store functionality, and also make use of email marketing. Tariff payment varies between $4 to $24 a month.


    After completing the site configuration, all you need to do is hit “Publish” in the “Site” section to go digital and have a web presence.