Which Simple Tools Graphic Designers Will Choose Most

Both seasoned and amateur graphic designers need to have the right tool if they will be able to create any designs at all. You need the right tool to be able to match your talent and create something extraordinary. Graphic design software that is well-built will give you so much flexibility and intuitive control that is easy to know and work with for both beginners and well-experienced designers.

For the software to suit you very well, you need to have hands-on experience with it and experiment with the tool. The different types of software have their own unique features, performance, ease of use, availability, and cost.

Some of these graphic design software is free, and some others are paid for. But many of these paid software give their users a free trial so that they understand the product better before they commit to it.

To discover which graphic design tool is ideal for them, designers might have to try out different tools to choose the ones that are right for them. So, we put together a list of tools that graphic designers will most likely choose the most to finish their design.  


This is a graphic design tool designed for Mac-only, but the aim is to focus on digital design. But unlike Photoshop, Sketch is not built for print work or photo editing. Sketch allows you to create a prototype for your designs by working with other designers while on this platform. The smart layout feature of this platform makes the component resize automatically depending on the type of content on it. 

The software also has hundreds of plugins that allow a graphic designer to carry out their vector editing and some other types of design work in a precise manner, down to the number of pixels. You can also create digital icons. The downside to this software is that it isn’t great for illustrations or print designs. However, this software is great for bringing those creative thoughts and turning them into something concrete, brainstorm design ideas with creative tools like Logo Design.


This is one of the online photo editors that gives many desktop apps a run for their money. Although it is a relatively new editor, it is perfect for designers looking for the right tools for power complex compositions or fine-tuning their photos. This free tool is very easy to use and will likely become better over time, with newer updates and the introduction of more modern features.

Graphic designer already used to Photoshop might already be familiar with Pixlr. This tool is appropriate for those who require small image editing, such as resizing, cropping, etc. You can also carry out different functionalities without having to worry about getting additional licenses for your software.

Affinity Designer

If you need a software that offers you the same or similar attributes to Illustrator but comes at a lower price, then the Affinity Designer is what you’re looking for. This software is more suitable for novices or graphic designers who are still at the early stages of their careers. It can help you do better with your workflow while allowing you to work smoothly and express the creativity in you with more freedom. You can zoom in at your work at 60fps; look at the adjustments, effects, and gradients all within the curve edits and transforms as the change lives.

With Affinity Designer, you can work on the raster and vector files, and it’s easy for you to switch between them. You’re also able to create unlimited art boards within the software, and the good thing is that the software works on all types of devices. There’s an app for graphic designers for iPad, and it has the same features which the desktop versions offer.

You have the LAB or RGB color spaces where you can work, and there are about 32-bits per channel. This program also has a toolset with an extensive range within the program, and you can use them to achieve a very high level of productivity and accuracy. It also has fully customizable guides and grids, where you can change the subdivisions, spacing, angles, gutters, etc. An essential feature of the Affinity Designer is also the fact that you can zoom in on your artwork for a floating-point accuracy, by even greater than one million percent.

Adobe Illustrator

Adobe Illustrator is one of the essential graphic design tools and is based on vector design. With this software, you can create posters, icons, and artworks, etc. You can use all the designs that you create in the Adobe Illustrator for billboards or business cards, even on smartphones and 8k screens. Graphic designers can use this software to draw, mix, and refine designs to create something spectacular. There’s a mobile version of the adobe illustrator called the Adobe Illustrator Draw, and this is still one of the best software for graphic designs.

To draw you have to use the shaper tool and also create vector shapes. You can add geometric shapes to other outlines that you can move, scale, and reshape. You can also change the fonts of your design by adjusting the width, slant, and weight. Adobe also provides templates that are professionally designed to help you save time. It has a very helpful user interface but has a steep learning curve, so it isn’t suitable for novices or people who are new to graphic design.

Xara Designer Pro X

This design software is mainly for vectors and bitmaps. It can handle many roles, which include illustration, photo editing, and other graphic design. This software provides designers with hundreds of layouts and design elements. Scaling is also very effective in this software and does not lose any quality. It is also possible for you to build custom design elements that you can include in your designs. With tools such as transparency, outlines, and gradients, you can bring a special touch to your designs.


There are many graphic design tools that graphic designers have to choose more. This article contains some of the best tools that graphic designers can choose from.

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