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First impressions are critical in life and in business. The first visual impression your brand makes is going to impact whether potential customers see you as credible, professional, or reliable.


Branded design includes everything from a strong logo to the use of white space to the design of your website. People can make decisions about your brand in just a few seconds. It is imperative that your brand’s design be flawless. If not, you are going to lose out.

Your Logo Is the Face of Your Company

Your logo, be it on business cards, acrylic signs, letterheads, websites, or articles of clothing, will say more about your organization than you can. A good logo becomes an instantly recognizable symbol that people equate with your product or service.


When you think of golden arches, you think of hamburgers. When you think of a white swish, you think of tennis shoes. A cartoon mouse instantly engenders thoughts of theme parks, animated movies, and entertainment. A simple logo has a powerful impact.

Think about the Colors

Bold color schemes separate you from the competition. They make your product or service recognizable and memorable.


Your color scheme should be used consistently throughout your advertisement. A person should be able to log on to your website, see a business card, or visit your social media and instantly know that the page belongs to you. When it comes to color, make it bold, make it inviting, and keep it consistent to have the biggest impact on your customers.

Choosing the Right Fonts

Fonts are another one of those small things that build your brand design. It is not just what you say that has an impact. It is how the words look.


The right font can influence the tone of your business. A traditional script can add gravitas or class to your branding. A more modern script might work if you are looking to create a minimalist look or want to present a look that breaks with tradition.


When people read your business card, your website, or whatever other written material you create, you are hoping to get them to think and feel something. It has been famously said that, “Design is thinking made visual.” Your font will influence what your customers think and what your customers feel.

Use Space Appropriately

It can be tempting for you to want to overwhelm your audience by using every single space you have on the printed page or advertisement to tell about your business. You are excited about the product and service you offer and want the rest of the world to feel that excitement.


However, if your brand design is poorly done, you might end up with confusing and messy layouts that communicate nothing and overload your customers. You can make them feel annoyed and actually send them running away from you to your competition.


However, when space is used correctly, it can guide people’s eyes to where you want them to go. You can help your customers appreciate what you are showing them and do so at their own pace.


Building a visually appealing and successful brand is difficult. There are a ton of things that you can do to break your brand, but there are just as many things that you can do to make it appeal to your audience.


Don’t fall into the trap of choosing colors or design elements simply because you like them. Instead, dedicate time to get into the minds of your audience. Learn about the design elements that will truly motivate them. When done correctly, branding can determine your company’s success. Take the time to establish a good brand or revitalize one that needs a facelift.


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