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How Tech Is Disrupting Leading Industries

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Entrepreneurs are finding devilish ways to disrupt long standing industries. Brewing companies deliver beer within hours, a taxi seems inconvenient, and you can eliminate the dreaded trip to the grocery store entirely. New technology and inventive uses of current technology are disrupting historically dominant companies. All it takes is an idea and a team of software developers to create businesses worth investing in or purchasing outright.    Not every startup has the desire to be bought up by larger corporations or sell their stock publicly. While inventive and creative, many of these are based on equality, reusing waste, and teaching others new skills. There are even startups focusing on recycling waste to better the environment and humanity while donating back to charities. It would seem remiss to start a new company without incorporating some technical aspects. Even if you don’t have coding skills, it’s not too late to learn if you can’t hire someone to do the work.

Beverage Industry

It takes a creative mind to get a new drink product on to store shelves. Even with local success, it is hard to increase growth and get on shelves at major retailers or boutique shops, not to mention the margins lost through distributors or selling in bulk to grocery stores. Dirty Lemon avoided that hassle by only selling their drinks through text messages. While text messaging is old news to millennials, there is a simple genius to the strategy. Most consumers are less than three feet from their phones during the day; a text is the easiest way of communicating. After setting up your account, you don’t have to worry about losing your password or navigating through a clunky app or third-party delivery service; you just send a text.    The founder stated that using text messaging to get an overview of their purchasing habits will help the company develop new products to sell via text. You know the type, quantity, and time a customer purchases your product. Selling to distributors or wholesale gives a narrow view of how your product is purchased. While there are many moving parts to this company, it seems to be leveraging data science to develop new products and keeping operations lean. If you are interested in consumer habits, you can become a data scientist without a degree. 

Dining And Dashing

Food waste is becoming an increasing issue in the United States. The problem becomes more infuriating when mobile orders aren’t picked up and weren’t prepaid. Snackpass provides relief for business by instantly deducting funds from consumers’ wallets while providing customers easy ways to order food, even virtual ordering while in a restaurant. The company also has hardware services to reduce the need for cashiers and introduce contactless orders while inside a restaurant. The company is seeking front end developers to work on their products.    Being a tech company doesn’t mean your firm will be successful. Snackpass is focusing on younger consumers by partnering with colleges and universities to build a customer base. It offers a reloadable meal plan that works at dining halls and partnering businesses and allows parents to add funds from home.

Coding Bootcamps

Not to delve too much into the meta, but technology interrupts the way we learn coding skills. Coding bootcamps are short 3-6 month programs that bring a student from very little coding ability to skills worthy of entry-level jobs. These quick-paced programs developed out of the demand for computer science professionals to help the companies using tech to disrupt multi-billion dollar industries.    Bootcamps are available in-person and online and provide all types of accommodations for learners. Full-time and self-paced offerings of bootcamps make switching to a tech career a viable option. Bootcamps are so confident in the demand of the market and their teaching that they offer deferred tuition until you obtain a job in tech with a specific salary.

Thinkful is one of these bootcamps. They offer courses in all the aforementioned positions, and any position a company might need to take a portion of historical industry giants. Longstanding companies are working to be ahead of the curve and hiring from these bootcamps. Even top tech companies like Google, Amazon, and Facebook are hiring grads of these bootcamps

Tech Is Revolutionizing All Industries

As creative individuals find inventive uses for technology, it seems the cycle of innovating long standing industries will be cyclical. Entrepreneurs will rely on tech workers even if their business uses older technology like text messages. With new technology developing daily innovation will continue.