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Looking at choosing a Montreal web design company but not sure who to choose? Feeling lost?

Imagine you’re looking for a new restaurant. There are simple things that you would look for to help you decide whether a restaurant is a good one or one that should be avoided. These signs could include a one-star rating from Yelp, photos of their food posted online, or even the restaurant’s location.

Since you’ve been eating in restaurants your whole life, you’ve essentially been trained to see these signs automatically. Those signs – “this is good” or “this is bad” – are there for every business. You just need to learn to see them.

Allow us to train you on spotting the signs that clue you in to whether a Montreal web design company is right for you, or the equivalent of a chef leaving the bathroom without washing his hands.

Leave the cookie cutters in the kitchen

Your business is unique, and your website should reflect that. Your site also needs to be representative of your business field or niche. A good website will allow you to both fit in with your industry and stand out as the expert.

Some web design companies will use the same template across a wide variety of sites. It’s incredibly difficult for your website to stand out if it is based on a cookie cutter design.

Other designers will use different methods for each site, but will then fall back on familiar techniques. Maybe every one of their sites uses a certain graphic effect or a familiar layout.

Go through a designer’s recent projects and look. How much is unique? Does each example stand on its own or do they look like the same thing with minor facelifts?

No tricks up their sleeves

Once you hire your designer, will you hear from them regularly or not until they’ve finished the site? It’s best to find out before you hand over your business and your money.

The best Montreal web design company will involve you in the entire process. During development, you should feel comfortable knowing what stage your site is in, and when each stage will be complete.

While your site is being built, a good designer will ensure you’re not left in the dark and that communication is easy. If you have suggestions, opinions, or special requirements for your site, you need to know that you’ll be heard.

Enough about Montreal web design companies, let’s talk about you

The best Montreal web design company will be the one that focuses the most on you and possesses the most skill to make that work.

Some designers will simply throw your business into a generic process, and come out with a generic website. You want a designer who will work to find out everything about you. Research is a crucial part of any website project. Furthermore, the more in-depth a company’s research process, the more in-depth and effective your final site will be.

When you are comparing designers, look at their sites. Look specifically for phrases that specify their attention to detail, such as “personalized approach,” and “We assess your needs to find the best solutions.”

A site that doesn’t fit your needs or your business is like wearing a suit tailored to someone else’s measurements. Ensure your designer will take your exact measurements.

In conclusion

Those are some of the signs to look for when choosing the right Montreal web design company for you. Finding the right design company can be like finding the right restaurant – it’s somewhere you’re comfortable going to, often. The wrong design company is just the opposite, at best you’ll never want to come back. At worst, you’ll feel like you have food poisoning.

When searching for your designer, ask these questions:

Do they have unique, professional designs?

Will they be transparent and informative throughout the design process?

Will you be heard and considered or left in the dark?

Most importantly, will they strive to find out exactly who you are and make a site absolutely perfect for you?

Feel free to compare our site to this list – we take pride in going above and beyond the highest expectations.


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