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Casa Grecque
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Casa Grecque Granby:

Granby’s Favourite Restaurant

Casa Grecque Granby is a location of the famous Quebec franchise with a special flair all its own. It needed an intuitive, mobile-friendly website design that aligned with the Casa Grecque brand while simultaneously showcasing the restaurant’s unique characteristics.

I must say i have had to use many different companies over the years, and now i no longer will have that problem. Working with Patrick makes everything easy and efficient. You dont need to use multiple companies or talk to multiple people. He is prompt, courteous, resourceful and a pleasure to work with. I couldnt recommend anyone better at what they do then him.
– Casa Grecque

The Problem

The restaurant’s current website design was unresponsive and difficult to navigate. Its menus didn’t display well on mobile, and the overall graphic design didn’t align with the Casa Grecque brand.

The need for an easy-to-use, forward-thinking interface suddenly became urgent when the pandemic hit. Seemingly overnight, a strong, invested online presence became vital to any restaurant’s success. Casa Grecque Granby needed a professional-looking, easily navigable website that kept guests informed of its deconfinement plans, making it easy for customers to discover new offerings and modified dining options.

The Solution

Montreal Graphic Design rebuilt Casa Grecque Granby’s website from the ground up. The new web design provides easy access to menu information on mobile and encourages customers to reserve tables with a few simple clicks. Distinctive photography and small graphic design details maintain the Granby location’s individuality, while the website navigation and colour palette align with the Casa Grecque brand.

The new website design allows the restaurant to present its strategy for “the new normal” while inspiring loyalty and trust. Best of all, Montreal Graphic Design was able to complete the mandate both ahead of schedule and under budget.

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