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Why Your Business Needs Better Cyber Security

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When running your own business, it is important to protect your assets including the network program that stores the business information. Small businesses use computers to store company data such as inventory, customer contact information, and credit card information. If this information is not protected with security measures, it can lead to a security breach and further threats resulting in a damaged reputation. With proper cybersecurity steps, your business can protect the precious information needed to be successful.

Hire a Professional

Hiring a cybersecurity professional can help maintain your network’s security and prevent a security breach. When hiring a professional, ensure they have the tools and experience necessary to establish the technology the business needs. The cybersecurity professional should be able to locate potential threats, unauthorized access and contain the threat before it affects the business.

As a business owner, you may be caught up with getting new customers and helping other employees do their job. This is why network monitoring and security are of the utmost importance and if you have a team of professionals there should be a chain of command before it reaches you. All employees in the business should know the chain of command. The cybersecurity team could easily make it or break it for your business and you want the team to be successful. Setting the chain of command sets the team up for success.

Ever-Changing Technology

Technology is always changing and becoming outdated. With ever-growing threats, it can be difficult to stay ahead of these hackers but your cybersecurity team should be able to handle about 75% of potential threats the system develops. The other 25% of the threats are usually the most serious and should always be investigated to prevent a disaster. The sooner the team detects this threat, they can clear the threat and move on. The Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) can process out malicious data such as IP addresses and block those IP addresses from accessing the company’s website. The system has quick log searches so the security team can process through and continue to search for any identifiable threats that may have been missed.

Customer Trust

Customers are more concerned these days about giving out their personal information to businesses due to security breaches all over the country. It is often heard on the news of security breaches and customers’ personal information is stolen to include their credit card information, social security numbers, and address. This is extremely alarming to consumers making it even more so to protect business data. When customers know you have a cybersecurity team protecting your data, they are more likely to purchase your products and provide you with their information. It’s important to earn customer trust and respect their individual privacy. In the event a security breach has occurred, timely and accurate internal communication is key to clearing up the breach. In the event a customer’s data has been breached, the company should reach out to the customer to rectify the situation. If a breach has occurred, the cybersecurity team can work with other important members of the team such as stakeholders, network administrators, and engineers to get the system back up and running, clear the breach, and re-secure the system.


Protecting the assets and data of your company is pertinent to prevent personal information from being released to potential hackers. Many businesses do not put a lot of money or budget into cybersecurity. However, to be successful long term, there needs to be a dedicated budget. Without the budget, your business will be unlikely to survive and will lead to more problems down the road.

If you are a new business owner, it is a wise decision to hire a cybersecurity professional to protect the business data and assets from a potential security breach. This will also lead to increased customer trust as you are being proactive about protecting data and customers will be more likely to purchase products from you. In the event of a security breach, be vigilant and reach out to customers about the breach so necessary measures can be taken to replace necessary documents. Without cybersecurity in the workplace, it puts the business, customer, and employees at risk of failing in the long term.