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4 tips on how to make recyclable ads

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4 tips on how to make recyclable ads

Nobody would blame you for thinking that offline marketing has no place in a digital world. After all, it only seems right that you should craft your marketing strategy around the most profitable and effective tactics – some of which truly are digital. But that doesn’t mean that digital marketing is the be-all-end-all of modern marketing, quite the contrary, offline marketing is still a powerful tool you can use to set your brand apart and build a competitive advantage.

It is no secret that we have become a world that is heavily involved in recycling. We all know that recycling is not only a key part of protecting our planet, but that it is also a great way to save money and save resources too. Another fantastic thing about recycling is that it is so easy to do, which is always going to encourage more people to take up the challenge and recycle as much as they can.

Not only can the general public recycle as much as possible with the things that they produce within their homes, but businesses too.

Aside from the more common forms of recycling, those that you may recognise, there are also plenty of less obvious ways that a business can recycle. One way is with their adverts.

But how do you exactly go about recycling adverts? How can you make sure that they are effective and that your audience don’t think that you are churning out the same old information and promotions that they have seen before?

To learn more about recycling ads, take a look at our 4 tips on how to make it work for you and for your business.

Why let a good thing go?

The first thing to look at when it comes to recycling ads for your business is whether or not it has been successful in the past. If you have had a marketing campaign work for you, then you really shouldn’t feel that you have to let that good thing go. In fact, if it has worked once for you, then chances are that it is definitely going to work again.

You might find that the recycled advert will remind those who have already seen it to buy your product, book your service or simply learn more about what you have to offer as business. Or, you may even find that it helps you to find a whole new customer base that are going to want to sign up to your business and what you can offer. Either way, this is great news for you.

Change things up to keep them unique

One big concern that many businesses seem to have about recycling advertisements is that they are doing to be seen as being lazy, as simple re-sharing old news and hoping that people don’t notice. There are two ways that you can try and get around this as much as you can.

Some companies will wait sometime between posting these adverts, just to make sure that they are not seen as an instant repeat. You need to give it enough time for the advert to have a whole fresh new impact; but you also want to make sure that the advert is going to have the same level of impact (if not greater) than it did before. Timing it just right can be hard, but it is not impossible to do.

Another option that you can consider is to make changes to the advertisement in order to make them as unique as possible. These changes could be subtle, so that the ad remains largely the same, or they could be a much bigger and more obvious amendment, if this is something that you prefer. Even if you do make considerable changes to the advertisement, you are still reusing the same foundation, which means that you are still recycling.

Remember you can recycle all types of ads

When you think of recycling adverts for your business, then you might think that you are going to only be recycling actual paper adverts. Of course, you can recycle paper adverts if you want and this is not only going to have a hugely positive impact on your business as a whole, but it is also going to have an impact on the environment as a whole.

You can also recycle digital ads; though these are not as physical of course. When you recycle a digital ad you can reshare an ad on social media; this is easy enough to do and the process will really depend on the platform that you are using. You can also use the advert as a basis for another advert, re-writing it and repurposing it so that it fits. This can work for general use, but you could also use it for Christmas or another season when a targeted ad is needed.

Encourage others to share your ads

Our final tip isn’t so much a way to recycle your ad yourself, but to get others to do it for you. You might not think of someone sharing your ad as a way to recycle it, but isn’t the whole idea of recycling to take something and find another use, another purpose for it? For someone else to use it?

When you encourage your audience, your social media network to share ads that you have created, then this is the ultimate way to recycle them. You can use the ads to reach a whole new network, you can breathe new life into them and you can make sure that they fulfil their purpose.

As you can see, there are so many ways that you can recycle your ads, which means that it is definitely something that you need to do for your business. Take your time, think about which ads are great for recycling and then take the time to try this for yourself.

There are so many ways that you can advertise your business, which means that you should never run out of ways that you can recycle, repurpose and reuse the ads that you have created. One great example of this has to be roll up banners. Want to know more about roll up banners and what they can offer your business? Well, with Roll Up Banners Size Matters Here’s Why | Ultimate Banners you can know everything that you need to know about roll up banners.

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