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Best Tips From The Apple Logo’s Designer

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Best Tips From The Apple Logo’s Designer

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Nobody would blame you for thinking that offline marketing has no place in a digital world. After all, it only seems right that you should craft your marketing strategy around the most profitable and effective tactics – some of which truly are digital. But that doesn’t mean that digital marketing is the be-all-end-all of modern marketing, quite the contrary, offline marketing is still a powerful tool you can use to set your brand apart and build a competitive advantage.

Apple. You’ve heard of the company and you may even own one of their devices. I’m willing to bet that just the mention of the company conjures up an image of their iconic logo, the apple with a bite taken out of it.

But did you know this iconic bitten apple wasn’t the first logo design? That’s right, before this design was implemented, co-founder of Apple, Ronald Wayne, drew the original logo design. The image depicted Isaac Newton’s discovery of gravity, which occurred when an apple fell on him as he was reading a book, under a tree. The design was incredibly intricate and, unfortunately, not what Steve Jobs wanted to represent Apple. Thus, he wanted a complete redesign, leading to the iconic logo we all know and love, today.

For a detailed history of the Apple logo’s changes, check out InkBot Design’s article “The History of the Apple Logo”.

Who Designed the Apple Logo?

Seeing that logo design is an intricate process, it was actually a team that designed Apple’s logo. While this may be true, the man credited with creating the image of the apple was Rob Janoff.

Most known for being the designer of, arguably, the world’s most famous logo, Janoff wasn’t even 25 when he landed this design gig. According to his website, Rob Janoff was chosen to design Apple’s logo “based on his extensive work for tech clients, and his strength in abstract conceptual visualization”.

And now, with over 5 decades of graphic and logo design experience under his belt, he has shared some tips with DigitalArtsOnline about what designers should be doing, to create memorable designs.

Without a doubt, if anyone has the right to give advice about logo designs, it’s the man who created the most well-known one. Check out the list below to see what tips Rob Janoff gave DigitalArtsOnline, to inspire all designers.

1. Keep ideas key

Janoff stresses that ideas should be the key concept of any design, rather than technique. As he says in the article, with design being done digitally now, anything is possible when it comes to technique. But ideas need to take preference, because it’s the idea that’ll do all the talking for the brand.

2. Put a famous face to your logo

Sounds silly right? Well it makes sense if you think about what type of personality you want your logo design to give off. You’re not going to literally put their face in your logo, just the personality their face represents.

Want a beautiful, energetic, and relatable design? Surely Jennifer Lawrence is a great face to associate with that personality!

3. Need to find more work? Look to the East

According to Janoff, business is booming in the East, China and the Middle East, to be exact. As a result, if you’ve got experience with a certain type of company where you live, you shouldn’t have trouble finding gigs with similar companies in the East. Basically, if you’re a logo designer coming from North America/Western culture, your work will be highly sought after.

4. Keep the mystery

When asked what his favorite logo design is, besides the obvious Apple design, Janoff claimed it’s the FedEx design, due to the mystery. Specifically, he said “I love any kind of logo that draws you in”. And you have to admit, the FedEx design does make you want to take a closer look!

5. Keep it simple

Keeping it simple means you can reach many different cultures, not just the one you’re from. Think about the original Apple logo: yes, Newton is known for discovering gravity, but his image isn’t one that everyone would immediately recognize.

Janoff always tells “designers in my talks to keep it simple”, because simple is just better when it comes to logo design.

6. Tickle creative minds

The best thing you could hope for with your logo design, is to create a design that inspires others. When shown artistic variations of his bitten apple design, Janoff said “I love it; this means that I’m tickling creative people’s minds. There’s nothing better than that”.