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The Key Benefits of Utilizing Infographics in Content Marketing

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The Key Benefits of Utilizing Infographics in Content Marketing

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There’s a reason content reigns supreme no matter how many innovative, funky, or appealing new digital solutions we come up with – marketing that utilizes fresh and audience-tailored content is always the kind that delivers results. Content survives any and all revolutions, since it adapts to the new tides with ease. Now that we have platforms such as Instagram that favor visuals and videos, there’s content, jumping at the chance to transform into the most desirable version of itself. Content promises value, whether it’s just aesthetic, or it’s promotional, educational, informative, and entertaining. 

Now that we live in a world that cherishes and prefers visual stimulation over the written word, it’s only natural to give the written word a visual angle, too. Enter: infographics, the stylish, bite-sized version of any blog or article you can imagine, summarized and illustrated to appeal to the reader while it also conveys a slew of other messages. If you still haven’t started using infographics regularly, here are a few reasons to nudge you in the right direction.

Convenient to consume, easy to share

If you’ve spent any amount of time in the world of digital marketing, trends speak for themselves, and the behavior of your audience doesn’t lie. People are impatient, they want content that grabs their attention immediately, otherwise they’ll just scroll right past your lengthy stories and wordy posts. The perfect attention-grabber that doesn’t disappoint when it comes to informative content and appealing imagery? Your infographics, of course. 

This format is perfect for any modern-day user, as people spend plenty of time online, browsing their social platforms and various websites for interesting content. However, they have little to no tolerance towards mundane topics and irrelevance, so they’ll devote their full attention only to the formats and topics that they can relate to. Infographics are also easy to share on social media, quickly consumed, and digestible. When in doubt, pick these information and image-rich formats for your content strategy to grab your audience’s attention.

An opportunity to bring your stories to life

Storytelling is a form of art. When you have great writers at your disposal, they can use their skills to shed new light on your brand, to give new angles to old topics, and to start valuable discussions on vital subject matters. Sometimes, your stories need that little extra in terms of their appeal to truly find their way to your audience, and finely-crafted infographics are the ideal solution that blends the best of both worlds, the visual and the written.

In such instances, brands often work with experts such as Infostarters in order to design compelling infographics and select the perfect content snippets for the visuals. It’s often difficult to find that perfect match, since an infographic will only be as valuable as both the writing and the imagery it uses to represent a unified stance. Only then can your content come to life, and attract more people to your brand through this clear, concise, and creative format. 

Raising brand awareness

Colors have meaning, and our minds perceive different hues in different light, making them a perfect vessel for carrying messages. The same goes for shapes and the order in which you choose to present information. Infographics can merge the colors of your brand with the fonts that your readers adore and visual representations that appeal to your readers into a single presentation.

That way, not only will you use the kind of content that resonates with your brand voice, but you’ll also leave a lasting impression by selecting your brand’s color palette. Add your logo to the mix, some links to your blog and your products, and your infographic becomes a perfect message board to educate your readers, but also to make sure your brand name and visuals are remembered. 

Adaptable for any subject matter

Infographics are essentially visualized fun facts about anything and everything you can imagine. If there are stats involved, all the better. In fact, when you need to tackle a difficult industry with topics that are, by nature, not very thrilling and fun (Say, plumbing? Car insurance? Trading in foreign currency?), infographics can actually elevate the otherwise dull and monotonous content and give it a more appealing look and feel. 

Add a cartoon character into the mix, explaining the process of selecting a car insurance policy, and your how-to blog will instantly come to life with a relatable character and relevant information presented clearly and in a digestible way. This particular format is entertaining by nature, while it also allows your audience to spot the most vital nuggets of information to understand the topic at hand. 

No matter the industry you come from, infographics can make your subject matter more appealing and easier to consume for any reader, novice as well as experts. Gaining that initial interest is often vital to retain a competitive edge, making infographics a true asset in any digital marketer’s playbook.

Although digital marketing continuously evolves, finding new ways to utilize well-known and loved formats such as infographics is a great way to visualize your brand and give it a new look and feel. From recognition to engagement, this particular content format is perfect for any strategy, hence the need to add it to your arsenal right away.

Guest Poster – Elaine Bennett

Elaine Bennett is a digital marketing specialist focused on helping Australian startups and small businesses grow. Besides that, she’s a regular contributor for Bizzmark Blog and writes hands-on articles about business and marketing, as it allows her to reach even more entrepreneurs and help them on their business journey.