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How to Attract More Customers with Multimedia Content

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Would you rather read a 2000-word blog post or watch a how-to video? Everyone has different learning preferences. Precisely because of that, creating multimedia content should be any brand’s priority. For you, it is the opportunity to cater to wider audience groups.

Here is how you can expand your brand’s reach with multimedia content.

Strengthen your Website Content

Content marketing is a combination of a clear content strategy, measurable targets, and constant analysis of the results. 

If you are already running a website blog, make sure you audit its effectiveness. Based on your goals, track the right user engagement and behavior metrics. The goal is to learn which type of posts resonate with your target audience. You will also want to learn whether they spend enough time on your blog, click through your pages, and interact with your content.


Based on these results, tweak your content strategy. Diversify your content types. Create articles, comprehensive how-to guides, informative lists, infographics, and case studies to engage wider audience groups.

Above all, keep your content valuable. It should be helpful, informative, and data-driven. 

Do not Neglect the Value of Offline Content

In the digital era, we often neglect the value of offline marketing. Unlike online marketing, it gives your customers something more tangible. Most importantly, it puts your brand in front of wider audiences.

For example, a visually appealing outdoor digital LED display will grab the attention of larger groups of consumers. It maximizes brand awareness and recall.

You can even combine online and offline content to drive customer engagement. For example, you could insert your QR codes into pamphlets, brochures, billboards, or direct mail to promote your online store and products.

Starbucks’ Loyalty Program is a perfect example of using brand cross-promotion. Customers can earn stars by ordering their drinks online. However, they can even get points for purchases at the brand’s coffee outlets.

Produce Visual Content

Users have different preferences when it comes to how they consume and process information. That is where visual content helps. LinkedIn reports that video posts are 20 times more likely to be shared on the platform than any other type of content.

Visual content allows you to create captivating and easily digestible content that adapts to the changing demands of different digital platforms. Above all, it is highly engaging and resonates with your audiences on an emotional level.

Now, there are different types of visual content you can try. Some of them are:

Improve your Email Newsletters

Sending email newsletters is an effective way to boost brand memorability and nurture relationships with customers. However, just sending out generic newsletters is not enough. You need to deliver high-quality content that engages audiences.

You can diversify your newsletter content to keep your audiences updated. Some of the most effective newsletter content types are:

To increase the effectiveness of your newsletter content, consider segmenting your recipient list. In other words, you will slice the list down into narrower segments. The goal is to deliver the right content to each customer group. For example, you can segment content by customer age, gender, location, past purchases, content preferences, etc.

Create Engaging Social Media Content

Most of your customers are on social networks. Therefore, you should be there, too. However, just having social media accounts is not enough. You need to produce authentic and on-brand content to engage your audiences.

For example, stock photos do not resonate with your audiences. Take original photos that evoke emotions and show the human side of your brand. High-quality photography will build trust with your target audience and strengthen their relationships with your brand.

Visual content, such as images, videos, infographics, and motivational quotes will boost audience engagement.

Ephemeral content triggers your followers’ FOMO and maximizes engagement. Such time-sensitive content includes live videos, social media stories, live Q&A sessions, etc.

Social networks also go hand in hand with social proof marketing. Host photo contests and encourage customers to share original photos of your products.

Over to You

Multimedia content provides impressive branding opportunities. If planned strategically, it can attract new customers, boost brand recall, and maximize conversion rates.

When creating content for multiple channels, keep it consistent. Set your content marketing goals and determine brand personality and tone of voice. Only that way can you create recognizable content that can make a big viral splash.