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Why You Should Use Stickers to Market Your Business

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Setickers are a surprisingly effective way to market your business. Stickers have been and continue to be an important part of pop culture. Every small business can benefit in some way by including promotional stickers as part of its marketing campaign.

Stickers Are Engaging and Fun

Most people associate stickers with something enjoyable and positive. This is because, since childhood, stickers have been used as a reward by parents and teachers. They have always been a positive reinforcement strategy that makes people feel good.


When stickers are used in conjunction with branding, they can make even Fortune 500 companies seem accessible and on the level of their customers. Stickers can give your business a greater opportunity to interact and engage with customers, leading to increased word-of-mouth advertising.

Promotional Stickers Simplify Marketing

There are a lot of complicated and data-driven forms of marketing that are effective. However, they require research, planning, and investigation.


When small businesses start, they don’t know where to go with marketing because their budget is limited. Also, the available marketing options seem overwhelmingly complicated. Small businesses often avoid implementing a marketing plan. The positive news is that marketing does not have to be complicated. Stickers represent a simplistic marketing strategy that is low cost and effective.

Stickers Offer Advertising Repetition

If you look around your home and vehicle, you will likely see stickers. You look at, interact with, or subconsciously notice these stickers every single day. This engenders you to the product being marketed and implants the idea or image of said product or service in your brain.


When it comes to advertising, repetition matters. That is why you will hear the same commercials over and over again on the radio or will see the same commercials over and over again on television.


The power of repetition in advertisements can be seen when you think about the commercials advertised on television or the radio when you were a child. Even years later, you can remember those advertisements word for word. You can remember them better than you can the address where you grew up, the names of children you went to third grade with or the names of the people who lived on your block.


Using custom die cut stickers is one of the best ways to advertise your brand or product. They are vibrantly colored and perfectly shaped to represent your brand or logo. Die-cut stickers are made to adhere to most smooth surfaces. They can be used indoors or outdoors since they are made from heavy vinyl material. They can last for years, meaning that your customers will be looking at them over and over again. Each time they see the stickers, they will be thinking positively about your brand.

Stickers Are Easy to Distribute

For stickers to be an effective part of your marketing, you don’t want to give away stickers willy-nilly. There needs to be some thought to how they are distributed. For example, if your business distributes stickers in carefully controlled locations, you can influence who sees your brand.


Conversely, you may opt to pass out stickers to whoever wants to take them. These people can place your stickers wherever they please. This tactic puts your logo and marketing in front of a larger group of people, increasing your influence.


Another relatively simple method is to use contests and incentives to get people to put your stickers in unique locations. You may have them take photographs of where they place your stickers and then upload those photographs to social media. This technique gives you a two-for-one punch for your stickers.


The idea is to find the promotional sticker marketing technique that aligns with your business. You might try multiple techniques to see which one generates the best response.


Promotional stickers give you an affordable way to showcase what makes you and your business unique. You can let the world know about your brand in a way that is fun, easy to manage, and relatable for most people. Of course, for your sticker marketing to be effective, the stickers need to be of high quality, properly designed, and tailor-made to be attractive to the people who will see them.