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Creative agency – The surprising advantage for better branding

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Creative agency – The surprising advantage for better branding

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Branding has never been more important. To brand better than your competitors you’ll need a creative agency like Montreal Graphic Design.

While a creative agency can help with things like your logo, your advertising materials, or your website, the most helpful thing they can provide might surprise you.

“Do I need that help?” you may be asking yourself, “I think my branding is good enough.” Every minute in the US, a new business is launched. How many of these are your competitors? How long will “good enough” be “good enough”?

Strong branding is what separates the great from the out-of-business. It’s what gives you the confidence to make your next steps in the busy marketplace, and what converts the general public into your loyal clients.

Before we get to the biggest advantage a creative agency provides, let’s look at two of the biggest branding problems a business faces.

Problem #1 – Do I Really Sound Like That?

Perhaps the most difficult thing to do is to know how the world sees you. In fact, according to a scientific study, 50% of the people you think are your friends – disagree with you.

It’s hard to know how we’re seen.

Remember the first time you heard your voice on a recording? I’m sure you asked “Do I really sound like that?” Our voices just sound different inside our heads.

It’s the same for a business’s voice. What sounds one way to you and your co-workers or people in your industry, may sound totally different to your prospective clients. And unlike an actual voice, you can’t use a tape recorder to hear what you sound like.

Problem #2 – There’s Too Many Options!

There is one thing that unites all businesses, no matter the size. There are always too many things to do and it’s often difficult to know which thing to do first. Especially when it comes to branding, there is rarely a clear path.

Do you purchase Facebook ads or Twitter ads? Should you try bus ads, radio ads, or print ads? Perhaps a contest is the way to go? Or maybe sponsoring a fun run?

And once you’ve decided what your first branding step is, you need to decide what your ad will look like. Will you use stock photos or will you use a product photo? Will you be personable in your ad or will you be cool and corporate?

After your campaign, how will you analyze your results? What will be your next step?

The Creative Agency Advantage – A Custom Strategy

Two of the biggest problems a business faces when it comes to branding are understanding and using their unique voice and knowing what to do next.

A creative agency solves both of these problems with a custom strategy.

At Montreal Graphic Design, we work with you directly to fully develop and understand your voice. We learn your goals, your identity, and your vision. We then help you to see how your industry sees you and how the world sees you.

We discover your unique identity, and then crystallize the best way to express that to the world. Once we’ve done that, we’re free to translate that identity into a custom strategy for your business.

Everything that you do as a business needs to reflect your identity. Every action tells the world something about you. With a custom strategy, you’ll be able to know the right action for your business for each situation.


Every business is unique.

But it can be so hard to understand what makes your business unique, and even more difficult to express that uniqueness in a way that makes sense and connects with your target customer.

By working with a creative agency, not only will you learn what your unique identity is, you’ll develop a powerful strategy to express that identity every day.

Are you ready to stop guessing? Is it time you were given a plan that gave you the freedom to take your next step confidently? Then you’re ready for a creative agencyTake a look at what we can do for you, and Contact us today!