How To Create Effective Company Branding

effective company branding

When you see a little blue bird, do you know exactly what that is? Even more so, you’re probably able to identify those golden arches without thinking twice. Unless you’re living under a rock, you’re probably able to identify the branding associated with the likes of Twitter and McDonalds. Titans of social media, food service, retail, and beyond have nailed brand efficiency ensuring that you’re able to recognize them in whatever context. That being said, you don’t have to be the next Jessie Eisenberg to make your branding just as effective as Facebook’s. Effective company branding takes time, but with consistency and effort, you can be successful.

Start with a Good Logo

Your logo is the core base effective branding. Not only is your logo going to be the starting point for the tone of the rest of your marketing material, but it’s going to go on business cards, paperwork, advertisements, and more. Overall, your logo needs to be a memorable image that defines your company and remains in your client’s mind.

We’ve talked a bit about logo designs on this blog in the past. With people seeing thousands of logos and advertisements every day, you have to make sure yours stands out to your audience. When determining what your logo is going to look like, focus on individuality, your target audience, and the tone of your brand. Keep in mind that simple logos are more memorable but uniqueness will make you stick out.

Advertise in All the Right Places

Effective company branding doesn’t stop at a good logo. Similarly, your advertising doesn’t stop when you start a Facebook page for your business. When building an effective brand, always consider where exactly you’re advertising. Facebook advertising allows you to narrow down your demographic. Sites like Twitter and Pinterest will make your branding more effective through targeting followers of other users. Additionally, personable and friendly direct communications with customers is available on all of these online platforms.

When determining where you’ll advertise, think about your audience. Certain demographics may be more inclined to use other websites or other platforms, such as television or magazine, than the internet. Where you advertise will not only change your business’s success rate, but it will determine how you craft your branding and how you build your image. While some branding may be effective on other platforms, for example, it may not be as effective on others.

Include your Employees

Your employees are the representatives of your brand. While it’s unwise to make sure all of your employees have the same ideas, they should be able to represent consistent values of what your business stands for and what your goals are. Without employee involvement and understanding, you’ll have trouble with truly effective company branding.

This is especially true when employees are directly communicating with customers. Relationships with customers should be consistent and all customers should have the same idea of what your business’s brand really stands for. Your hiring process should be sufficient to determine whether prospective hires will represent these objectives.

Stand Out in the Crowd

How does your brand fit in among your competition? If your branding is just another fish in the sea, it’s not likely to be effective. Instead of floating along, take initiative and grab the attention of your customers. The more you stand out among your competitors through your branding, the more you’ll be able to catch someone’s eye.

Taking a look at other brands in your field and how they are presenting themselves is key to developing your own presentation. When you compare yourself to competitors and understand how their branding is effective, you can set your own goals and determine how you can stand out and provide valuable service to your customers in a different way.

Find Your Voice

Are you professional? Snarky? Friendly? Finding your voice will be much easier to do after determining who your audience is and how you’re presenting yourself. When your customer reads a paragraph you’ve written in an advertisement or an article, they should be able to pinpoint exactly who is talking to them. Consistency is key to creating effective branding.


Don’t lose hope if you’re struggling to find exactly where your business falls. Effective company branding is not an easy task, but it can be successful with dedication and concentration.

Are you ready to build an effective brand? Contact us today and let us help to tailor your business’s brand to improve your advertising, communications, and even more.


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