Get Excited For HOW Design Live 2019

HOW Design Live is a conference centered around all things design. Whether you’re a graphic designer, a web designer, create logo designs, or simply want design inspiration, this conference is for you. This year’s conference, held in Chicago, is coming up soon, as it’s being held from May 7th to the 10th. Nearly 3,000 people from all over the world are currently registered to attend, but there’s still space for you! Luckily, there is still time for you to register for one of the largest annual gatherings of creative professionals in the world.

What Is HOW?

HOW began its long history in 1985, as a print magazine dedicated to design. Through the years HOW has evolved into a conglomeration of different events and products. At this point, HOW’s products include online design courses and design books. HOW also hosts several design competitions, HOW Marketing Live, and HOW Design Live, of course. Additionally, HOW has partnered with Dieline, the leading package design company, to host the Dieline Conference and Dieline Awards.

Why You Should Attend

If simply being at a conference full of like-minded designers isn’t enough, then you’ll be happy to know that there are plenty of reasons why attending will be both educational and fun. While you’re at the conference you can:

  • Have access to almost 100 educational sessions; they’ll help you think more creatively, learn new skills, improve your work, as well as build business and marketing skills.
  • Have an opportunity to preview new design tools, programs, products, and tech, within what is undoubtedly the industry’s largest exhibit hall.
  • Join a like-minded community that inspires and empowers you, while validating your design work.
  • Hear keynote speakers that represent some of the best creative web designers and graphic designers in the world.

Who Will Be Speaking

With over 100 speakers, it’s impossible to choose the most noteworthy, because they’re all noteworthy. Though every speaker will address design and creativity in some way, some sessions that will stand out to graphic designers and web designers include:

  • Bill Gardner’s “2019 Logo Trends: The Good, The Badass, and The Ugly”. Bill Gardner will be delivering his Logo Trend Report, a lecture about how logo design is evolving and which paths have been successful, and conversely, which should be forgotten.
  • Buddy Scalera’s “600,000 Years of Visual Communications – From Cave Paintings to Marketing Websites”. Buddy Scalera will be speaking in detail about the evolution of graphic design in storytelling, from cave paintings to today’s use of design in marketing.
  • Armin Vit’s “There Is No Crying In Branding: Lessons Learned From Running 13 Years of Running Brand New”. This session will be dedicated to helping graphic designers improve their logo designs and how to best launch them.
  • Sophia Prater’s “Object-Oriented UX: Simplify Your Pixels and Your Process”. Sophia will be speaking about how objects are used within web design to enhance the user experience.

These are just a few notable sessions that will be held but many world-renowned businesses will be represented by speakers at the conference, such as: HP, Taco Bell, PepsiCo, Etsy, The Home Depot, The Wall Street Journal, and many more. While it may be true that designers are those most likely to be interested in designs, the variety of companies that are represented at HOW Design Live truly exemplifies the fact that design matters to every single business.

What’s more, almost every topic you can think of, in relation to design, will be addressed. For example, some other interesting topics aside from web design and graphic design include: environmentally friendly designs, how leaders use design in their companies, how the creative industry is affected by mental health conditions, how to increase your freelance business as a designer, etc. There are simply too many topics to be listed here, but with the huge variety of topics addressed, there is surely something for you.

Still Not Convinced?

If you’re still not sure about whether you should attend HOW Design Live this year, then check out this live coverage of last year’s conference, to see just how amazing it is.


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